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About Us

CleanHub Facility Pte Ltd is a NEA-licensed and fully insured cleaning company.  We pride ourselves in providing our customers with impeccable professional and trustworthy cleaning services at reasonable prices.


Our Management Team has over a decade of experience and knowledge in the cleaning industry.

Short Mobilisation Time

Our mobilisation period to start a project can be as fast as 2 – 3 weeks.

Exceeding Expectations

We strive to exceed our customer’s expectations and we welcome inputs, feedbacks, compliments to constantly upkeep our cleaning standards.

Our Values

We Clean.

Cleaning is our expertise. 

We have worked with customers from different sectors, such as Commercial Buildings, Residential Estates, Industrial and Schools. Over the years, we have built relationships and understood the needs of our customers, which allow us to incorporate it into our training programs for our staff of all levels. 

We Care.

Cleaning is our expertise. 

With our strong team support, we are able to establish a focus in delivering personalized services and we customize our cleaning solutions to every customer’s needs. We ensure to equip our staff with the right knowledge and impart them with the right set of cleaning skills.

We Share.

Cleaning is our expertise. 

We are in a labour-intensive industry where we regularly face folks from lower-income families. Our company recognises what the society has provided for us and we strongly believe in contributing back whenever we can. The welfare and safety of our staff is our priority while we provide cleaning solutions to our customers.

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